I ate an Italian Beef Sandwich a few months ago I’m almost certain of that.

I read on a website that a successful blog post includes a featured image, so I am featuring an image in my first post. The picture I chose for my inaugural blog post is of an Italian Beef Sandwich that I began preparing, according to what my Iphone says, July 15th of 2016, and I would imagine I finished making and consuming that sandwich on the same day.  Italian Beef Sandwiches are Delicious and I have no reason to believe that this particular sandwich followed a different formula.

Aparently Blog posts are supposed to be 500-1000 words; I imagine I’ll get there soon enough.

I’m reading in the same article that I should have lots of white on the screen because it’s an easier online read to have space between sentances. The article says to forget the rules I learned in high school and try not to have long paragraphs. Ok done.

Apparently Headers Help

I guess the above was a SubHeader. See I’m already Learning!

Why Write a Blog?

I obviously am writing this because I feel like someone will actually read this thing and because I think I’m special. I’m also aware that I’m really shouting into the abyss and
I’m ok with that too.

Shouting at the Ocean

A few years ago I was at a friends wedding that was held on the beach. It was a great trip and a beautiful wedding. I drank quite a few beers and/or alcaholic beverages and after the reception ended up standing on the edge of the surf with a bottle whiskey and shouted insults and explatives at the Atlantic Ocean. It was a great feeling belittling the ocean and blaming it for all of the worlds problems and my own. That’s what I plan on doing here.

So what’s this Stupid blog about and Why cant you be a better writer so it can be wayyy easier to read?

This is going to be my thoughts and opinions on whatever comes to my mind that day. It’s usually insanity but that should be fun to read. I like sports so I imagine that I’ll write a lot about that because I have too many strong opinions on that. I know I’ll include anecdotes on whats going on in my life and the like so im sure you’ll learn a decent ammount about me. Finally I imagine that there may be some creative writing or some sort of similar thing.

Finally I’m going to stand behind everything I write on here because these are Ignorant Musings and Think You will understand that anything I write on here will be well thought out and fact checked. Also I plan to post something every day, or at least the eqivelent of every day. That means on 11/21/17 there should be 365 posts. I know that seems to be an ambitious goal to set, but that just means that Im trying to accomplish a tough goal… i always cheat myself and dont work hard or think big, so thats what I’m attempting to go.

Thanks for reading… Me. And if you’re actually reading this. I guess thanks for indulging a madman.