My First* Concert Part 1


The first concert I ever went to in my life was to see the band Phish on July 8th 2000 at Alpine Valley Music Theater, during the summer before my senior year in high school. I am giving you that information now because this isn’t going to be the story of just that day. I’m going to jump forwards and backwards in time and may go off on tangents as they may arrise. ^ I’m going to change some people’s names so as to protect the innocent. (…and the guilty) I’m going to probably post other things between now and the end of this story, though I do promise that I will tell it to the end.(however it ends) Finally this story is going to be as I remember it. If you were there and it happened differently you’re probably right, it probably did happen as you remember. (Or maybe it didn’t happen at all)^^

Ok, Ok, Start the Story already….

Fine I’ll start at the absolute beginning of the story will that make you happy???

I first heard of the band phish was when I was in about and I came to school with a badass (at least to me) rubbermade insulated lunch bag that was in the shape of a fish. I was bragging about it to my friends Adam and Sean^^^ about my awesome fish lunch box. Adam asked me if it was a Phish or a fish lunch box. I was confused. He clarified, “Is it a lunchbox of an actual fish or the band Phish?” I said no it’s an actual fish.

I didn’t really think much more about Phish for a number of years after that. I figured they were just like a lot of the other bands from the 90’s that I heard of but never actually heard; Bands like (and I think most of these are bands {fine i know they are all bands i was just saying I think most of these are bands for comic effect}): L7, K7^^^^, the Jesus and Mary Chain, or Toad the Wet Sprocket. At this time my favorite bands were Bush and Oasis and I was taking guitar lessons and getting more and more into west coast gangsta rap. I listened only to what was on MTV and B96. I hadn’t started listening to Good music yet…..


^ I’m starting this story the day before Thanksgiving at my brother John’s house and I was sitting, thinking about Thanksgivings past. We used to go to my brother’s house in Alabama, when he lived down there, every year for Thanksgiving. I happened to think of the two most memorable that happened around this time period (2000, 2002). The 2000 Thanksgiving will come up later in this story and the 2002 will not. {that’s a story for a different time}

^^ Ok I’m feeling a bit nervous because I’m going to definately going to over share in this story and I don’t want to feel emberrised by the end, or get people in trouble, or hurt anyone. But fuck it nobody is reading anyways.

^^^ heyyy??? Didnt I just talk about changing peoples names and then these are their actual names, Oh well.

^^^^ Actually I do know K7 and I liked their CD when i was in 5th grade


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