My First* Concert Part 3

When I listened to the Grateful Dead as a sixth grader it was difficult music to get. It wasn’t really rocking and the vocals weren’t that great and the guys in the band didnt exactly look cool. built-to-last

I mean look at them those weird looking dudes were making the music. There’s the scientist, the skinny homeless guy, the guy that looks like hes at the bar smoking a cigarette with a beer in hand, the football coach, the cool dad, and the guy that looks like your friends uncle that fought in Vietnam and wears sunglasses inside. As a 11 or 12 year old they didnt seem like they were for me and I didnt know why my brother saw them a few times a year all over  the country. The music was slow but there were two songs that I really liked, Standing on the Moon and Built to Last. I figured that this album and the weird country song I heard in my brother’s car was what they were. I could take or leave them.. Except for those two songs. They really got me with their lyrics and feel.

As the years went on I heard a few more songs and got more and more into them. I liked Fire on the Mountain, Touch of Grey, and Uncle Johns Band all were songs I liked as I heard them here and there.

New music was what was on the radio, on MTV, and maybe a few CD’s that friends owned. Being that I’m a child of the 90’s and played football I gravitated towards hip hop as my go to music for a number of years as well. I loved Snoop Dogg and 2Pac, pretty much all west coast rap, as I said before. This is the first of what I would start to call my music

By the time I got to high school I had begun experimenting a bit with some pot. When you start smoking pot you start spending a lot of time listening to music and sitting in rooms with people talking with music on in the background. Another thing you do if you start smoking pot as a teenager in the suburbs is once your friends get their drivers licences you start to spend a lot of time riding around in cars with them and listening to music while you smoke up.*

Wait, are you going to stop writing now… it seems like you are. You take 2 months off from writing after saying you’re going to try and write or post something every day. 

No, I’m going to continue, settle down I just wanted to go off on a tangent and say something that everyone else already knew. I created a footnote so I could have that tangent but not have it be a part of the main story.

You know you’re just arguing with yourself and talking to yourself right now. I’m you, or at least your negative thoughts manifested on the page you know.

I get it. But ya know I’m trying to have delusions of GRANDOUR  (‘grandeur’ I had to stop and look it up) here. Like can’t I pretend someone is reading this. Like i’m trying to use you, negative thoughts, as like a critic or a critical reader thinking what you’re saying.

Ok that makes sense, but I think you’re just procrastinating or something plus this whole having footnotes thing and interrupting the story to have an argument is a bit pretentious.

OK fair enough, I mean Im just trying something. I mean yeah I guess Im totally trying to do a David Foster Wallace thing and using footnotes and weird style on purpose. But I’m trying to tell a story thats unnecessarily long and I want to get it down and all my weird tangents are adding detail and some people like that. (maybe)

Get on with it!

Anyways, as I was saying before, when you smoke weed in high school you start to listen to  a lot more music and you start to get exposed to a lot more people’s music. It was around this time that I began to hear some more Grateful Dead music and  some other what I would describe as weird music. Someone would have a CD and put something on and suddenly it would speak to you. It was a big deal listening to something new that would get you. Napster wasn’t a thing yet, You couldn’t just go search out music, someone had to spend $14 to get it. It’s exciting because every couple of days or weeks you’re having these strong emotional reactions to songs or music that takes you on journeys.

The Grateful Dead’s music is the type of music that takes you on journeys. Its long and it makes you feel. I remember sitting in my buddies room with a group of us and he put on a version of the song Fire on the Mountain. I remember feeling the tension of the music grow into a joyous peak and it making me want to move. When the song was over those of that liked this type of music all had a similar feeling about it and those that didn’t thought they heard a long boring repetitive instrumental about nothing. I guess what Im saying is that I was a prime candidate to be a person that would like Phish.


*I mean think about it… If you’re a kid growing up in the burbs there are limited options on where you can go and what you can do. Some people always had a parent home after school. If you were one of those kids ya couldn’t go there to be a delinquent. Other people had parents that were away at work until a certain time of day. These were places where one could go or invite others to come to to get up to no good. The one drawback was at a certain point, usually 530 or 6 in the evening the fun comes to an end and its time for everyone to go home … or at least find somewhere else to go if you were planning on chiefing down. This brings you the next crossroads you can find a place where parents aren’t home, find a place to hang out where the parents don’t mind a bunch of stoned teenagers hanging out, or get in a car with your friends and drive around aimlessly trying to figure out something fun to do and get super baked in the process, like red blooded American teenagers have been doing since… well you get the idea.


My First* Concert Part 2

My older brother Tim is a big Deadhead. I remember him going to shows and after every show he would bring me back a lot shirt^ with Calvin and Hobbes on it. I had a vague idea who the Grateful Dead were and I kinda knew what their music sounded like. The main things I knew about the Dead were that they had really cool artwork associated with them, My brother Tim, his friend Tim,and my cousin Tim all liked them and went to see them a lot, that the parents of my friend Will that lived across the street . In sixth grade, My brother became one of the assistant coaches on my football team. It was cool having my brother be the coach. We got to spend a lot of time together and he would drive me home after games.

After one of these games we were listening to music in his car. He had a tape in and there was weird music playing. It sounded like a mix of country, jazz, and just weirdness. I remember there was a silly song, that the lyrics didnt make sense and the music sounded funny. When that song ended my brother said to me, “If you practice your guitar really hard, you can be in a band and play silly music like this.” That was the first time I listened^ to the Grateful Dead… I wasn’t sure that I liked it.

That year my parents got me my first CD player, and for Christmas I got a bunch of CD’s. From my parents I got a Green Day CD, the No Doubt album, and Bush 16stone. My brother got me 2 CD’s that year; Poi Dog Pondering and the Grateful Dead’s Built to last. When you only have five CD’s, you listen to them a lot! Bush and Green Day got the most spins on my CD player, and No Doubt was a close runner up after that. They were,afterall, the most popular bands at the time. Or at least they were the most popular bands in my sixth grade classroom.


^I didn’t know what a lot shirt was at the time. (and you might not know what one is now) It’s a shirt made by a fan sold in the parking lot to other fans.(I’ll talk more on this type of thing later)

^^Will’s parents were huge Deadheads, I’m sure that I heard their music over there at some point, I just didnt realize it at the time.

My First* Concert Part 1


The first concert I ever went to in my life was to see the band Phish on July 8th 2000 at Alpine Valley Music Theater, during the summer before my senior year in high school. I am giving you that information now because this isn’t going to be the story of just that day. I’m going to jump forwards and backwards in time and may go off on tangents as they may arrise. ^ I’m going to change some people’s names so as to protect the innocent. (…and the guilty) I’m going to probably post other things between now and the end of this story, though I do promise that I will tell it to the end.(however it ends) Finally this story is going to be as I remember it. If you were there and it happened differently you’re probably right, it probably did happen as you remember. (Or maybe it didn’t happen at all)^^

Ok, Ok, Start the Story already….

Fine I’ll start at the absolute beginning of the story will that make you happy???

I first heard of the band phish was when I was in about and I came to school with a badass (at least to me) rubbermade insulated lunch bag that was in the shape of a fish. I was bragging about it to my friends Adam and Sean^^^ about my awesome fish lunch box. Adam asked me if it was a Phish or a fish lunch box. I was confused. He clarified, “Is it a lunchbox of an actual fish or the band Phish?” I said no it’s an actual fish.

I didn’t really think much more about Phish for a number of years after that. I figured they were just like a lot of the other bands from the 90’s that I heard of but never actually heard; Bands like (and I think most of these are bands {fine i know they are all bands i was just saying I think most of these are bands for comic effect}): L7, K7^^^^, the Jesus and Mary Chain, or Toad the Wet Sprocket. At this time my favorite bands were Bush and Oasis and I was taking guitar lessons and getting more and more into west coast gangsta rap. I listened only to what was on MTV and B96. I hadn’t started listening to Good music yet…..


^ I’m starting this story the day before Thanksgiving at my brother John’s house and I was sitting, thinking about Thanksgivings past. We used to go to my brother’s house in Alabama, when he lived down there, every year for Thanksgiving. I happened to think of the two most memorable that happened around this time period (2000, 2002). The 2000 Thanksgiving will come up later in this story and the 2002 will not. {that’s a story for a different time}

^^ Ok I’m feeling a bit nervous because I’m going to definately going to over share in this story and I don’t want to feel emberrised by the end, or get people in trouble, or hurt anyone. But fuck it nobody is reading anyways.

^^^ heyyy??? Didnt I just talk about changing peoples names and then these are their actual names, Oh well.

^^^^ Actually I do know K7 and I liked their CD when i was in 5th grade

A Garbage SickDay

I’m currently dog sitting at my brothers house while he and his wife are away on vacation. Today I didn’t have work and was at the house all day. I’ve been sick for the past few days so it was going to be a nice treat to sit around and watch TV and do nothing. I go to the second floor bathroom to take a dump and fill up the tub to take a bath. I was pumped. I was sitting on the toilet with the laptop streaming Hulu and my cell phone in my hand looking at Twitter, like a gentleman. This was going to be an epic afternoon of shitting, soaking, and eventual napping. It never got that far.

I was sitting on the toilet taking a dump and I hear what sounds like a machine compressing and a pop. Quickly a stream of water comes rushing towards my feet. I’m mid log. What do I do? I obviously have to pinch the log, but then what. I decide that I gotta wipe. I cant run around the house all poop butted and such. The water keeps getting deeper. Oh shit, its starting to pool around the adapter for my computer cord; better move that before it shorts out or electrocutes me.

I dash down two sets of stairs I can’t find the shut off valve. I dash back up the stairs and glance in the kitchen; there is water rushing down out of the light fixtures as though there is a mini waterfall. I run into the bathroom and grab my phone and nearly slipping in the growing puddle. I dial my sister-in-law as I head to the basement. The call cant get through the reception it terrible. I go back to the main level. The waterfall has grown and there are now a few other waterfalls forming out of other light fixtures I gotta turn the lights off before there are sparks dancing around or a fire or before I get electrocuted.

I run back up the stairs and check under the sink where the water is pouring out of. The valve wont close and now I’m soaked. I try calling again but there is still no reception. I have to figure something out. It’s like Jumanji in the house its turning into a rainforest. I continue into the basement and the water is already leaking down here too. I have to figure out what to do. I start to flip switches left and right hoping that one will finally stop the deluge. Its not working. I turn on the other sink and the tub on full blast thinking maybe if  there is a lot of water going out of other spouts it will lessen the amount of water leaking from the ceiling… It works… negligibly.

I have to figure something out. I can’t keep letting the water leak down. I run down to the basement and into the laundry room and start wildly turning valves and flipping swithches and somehow the water stops flowing out of the burst pipe and now its just dripping out the celing and the light fixtures.

I spend the next few hours poking holes in the ceiling, calling my brother, buying a fan, showing the plumber where to go, drying laundry, drying rugs drying the floor and basicly trying not to have the house get ruined under my watch, and also keep the dog from drinking the water that fell from the ceiling. Im writing this because I am wiped and couldnt think of anything else to write. And me and the Dog are Tired.005 woo!


I ate an Italian Beef Sandwich a few months ago I’m almost certain of that.

I read on a website that a successful blog post includes a featured image, so I am featuring an image in my first post. The picture I chose for my inaugural blog post is of an Italian Beef Sandwich that I began preparing, according to what my Iphone says, July 15th of 2016, and I would imagine I finished making and consuming that sandwich on the same day.  Italian Beef Sandwiches are Delicious and I have no reason to believe that this particular sandwich followed a different formula.

Aparently Blog posts are supposed to be 500-1000 words; I imagine I’ll get there soon enough.

I’m reading in the same article that I should have lots of white on the screen because it’s an easier online read to have space between sentances. The article says to forget the rules I learned in high school and try not to have long paragraphs. Ok done.

Apparently Headers Help

I guess the above was a SubHeader. See I’m already Learning!

Why Write a Blog?

I obviously am writing this because I feel like someone will actually read this thing and because I think I’m special. I’m also aware that I’m really shouting into the abyss and
I’m ok with that too.

Shouting at the Ocean

A few years ago I was at a friends wedding that was held on the beach. It was a great trip and a beautiful wedding. I drank quite a few beers and/or alcaholic beverages and after the reception ended up standing on the edge of the surf with a bottle whiskey and shouted insults and explatives at the Atlantic Ocean. It was a great feeling belittling the ocean and blaming it for all of the worlds problems and my own. That’s what I plan on doing here.

So what’s this Stupid blog about and Why cant you be a better writer so it can be wayyy easier to read?

This is going to be my thoughts and opinions on whatever comes to my mind that day. It’s usually insanity but that should be fun to read. I like sports so I imagine that I’ll write a lot about that because I have too many strong opinions on that. I know I’ll include anecdotes on whats going on in my life and the like so im sure you’ll learn a decent ammount about me. Finally I imagine that there may be some creative writing or some sort of similar thing.

Finally I’m going to stand behind everything I write on here because these are Ignorant Musings and Think You will understand that anything I write on here will be well thought out and fact checked. Also I plan to post something every day, or at least the eqivelent of every day. That means on 11/21/17 there should be 365 posts. I know that seems to be an ambitious goal to set, but that just means that Im trying to accomplish a tough goal… i always cheat myself and dont work hard or think big, so thats what I’m attempting to go.

Thanks for reading… Me. And if you’re actually reading this. I guess thanks for indulging a madman.